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Match Informations

Organization: - Clube Tiro Bracara Augusta / Sociedade Tiro de Braga
E-mail: clubetirobracaraaugusta@gmail.com
Match Director: - José Gonçalves +351 918 295 525
Pré-match: - July 11.12 2019
Prova: - July 13.14 2019

umber of stages: - 18
Number of rounds: - 320
Pré-match capacity: - 100
Match capacity: - 323
Registration fee: 90,00 euros (include welcome kit bag and barbecue on sunday afternoon).
Team registration: 40,00 € (minimum 3 shooters).

Pré-Registration: After making the registration must make the payment within 15 days, ending which wil be removed from the registration list.
Squadding schedule:  Squads will be created on a basis of the registration. Shooters will be registered after entry fee payment only. If you wish to be in a same squad with your friend(s), fill also his/her name(s) on the registration form.
Safety considerations: As is stated in the current IPSC Rules. The wear of an eye and a hear protection is mandatory in the range area.
Arbitration procedure: According to the actual IPSC Rules.
Arbitration fee:
90,00 euros.
Open, Classic, Standard, Production, Production Optics and Revolver (*).
Lady, Junior, Senior and Super Senior.
All Divisions and Categories 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

IPSC Divisions will be recognized and prizes will be awarded in each division with the minimum number of 10 competitors. Categories will be recognized and prizes will be awarded in each category with the minimal number of 5 competitors.
Bank contact: Banco Santander Totta S.A.
Rua da Gandra, n.º 2, 4705-731 Celeirós BRG, Portugal
0018 0003 4844 3022 0200 6

IBAN: PT50 0018 0003 4844 3022 0200 6
Account name: Clube de Tiro Bracara Augusta

Complexo Tiro Cabanelas, Lugar de Urgueiros, S/N, 4730-092 Cabanelas

Payment regime: OUR (the recipient will obtain full sum of money, the payer will cover the total cost of money-transfer)
Suplement: Please bring a bank receipt with you to prove that you have paid your entry fee (be ready to provide the said receipt to the registration person at time of registration).
NOTE: Prepaid entry fee is not refundable. entry fee is movable on other shooter.

Match ammunitions: The ammunitions for the Bracara Augusta Match will be of the brand GECO.
» 9x19mm - 16,50 €
» .40S&W - 30,00 €

Shooters interested in buying should contact the organization via e-mail at clubetirobracaraaugusta@gmail.com

Dear athletes, we have tried to include the PCC division in the competition, but Portuguese law does not allow shooting with weapons that fall into this division.
 Complexo Tiro de Cabanelas
 Lugar de Urgueiros, S/N
 4730-092 Cabanelas   VVD
Telephone: +351 918 295 525
41° 35' 45.44'' N
8° 30' 19.20'' O
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